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Luxury & Specialty Travel

Travel like you're famous

Are you looking for that extravagant trip that you'll never forget? Have you been longing for a VIP travel experience? About Going Places specializes in luxury travel experiences that will maximize your most important asset – your time. We can plan your trip down to the tiniest details so that you don't have to worry about a thing. With a scheduled itinerary, you can focus on the enjoyment of the trip. 

About Going Places is a member of the invitation-only Virtuoso network. This partnership allows us to customize client vacations with high-end, value-added travel components offered by our global travel partners. Being able to work within the Virtuoso network means that we have access to exclusive perks and upgrades only offered to Virtuoso travelers.

Luxury Destinations


Whether it is a quick local getaway in the US, Caribbean Island retreat, long haul to an island in the South Pacific or ending an African adventure off the coast of Mozambique we can pair you with the perfect experience.



The options available for touring/experiencing the globe on land are astounding.  It is so much more than just choosing a resort or hotel.  Our product knowledge coupled with your travel desires will open up the world.  Small groups, independent, self-drive, safari, active/adventure, ski, specialty, rail, private guided, villas, wellness retreats and the list goes on and on.

On the Water

River, ocean, yacht, barge, expedition- Simply stating ‘cruise’ really minimizes the options available to our clientele. If you love the idea of not having to pack and un-pack multiple times during your travels this may be a lovely option to explore.


Family &

Multi-Gen Travel

How do you travel with a mobility challenged grandparent and busy toddler twins all while engaging the older teens?  Family travel can be very challenging for a number of reasons.  Allow us to offer specific family travel options so you can actually enjoy a destination/experience.

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