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Land Vacations

The options are limitless and combinable. Our global partnerships allow us to the ability to offer real time product knowledge.

Private Guided:

Show up to the airport and be met by Meet & Greet Services. You now have a local contact – in your current time zone and ready 24/7 to support you with any request or issue. The pace and detailed itinerary are set in advance so you can truly enjoy the travel experience and not worry how you are getting to the next destination. Pre plan the ‘must see’ aspects and have time to have a few ‘aha’ moments along the way.

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Group Travel:

Take the idea of being stuck a group of 60 people following a flag around a city out of your head. Our scheduled group departures are highly specific and specialized. From specialty journey of 8 guests being led by a Pd.D. level guide to 40 guests being split into small groups to experience a destination while meeting like-minded people from around the globe.


Are you looking for a bit more of an ‘on your own’ experience? Let us take care of the logistics and you can do what you please during your stay. Allow us to set you up for success. Want to experience a destination for an extended period? We can manage your accommodations, airfare, car rental, etc so you can just enjoy the destination. You will have access to local contacts and/or concierge services to assist you with any last minute options you would like.

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Climb Mt Kilimanjaro. Bike along a glacier. Fly Fish in remote Patagonia. White water raft through a jungle. Kayak with Humpback whales. Spy on Polar Bears. Dive with seals. Swim in the Amazon River. Snowboard on untouched powder. We can add in this type of componentry or schedule full in-depth experiences. And in every level of accommodation from camping, yurts, glamping, luxury resorts/hotels and expedition class vessels.


Let us qualify you to find out what is the best fit for a wellness experience. These can be so much more than a ‘resort with a nice spa’. From easy going, relaxation focused properties to specific focus on physical/body focus, yoga retreats, bootcamp, diet (cuisine/weightloss/etc), emotional wellbeing and much more.


Start Planning:

Is this the type of trip you're looking for? Let us help you get to your destination with worry-free ease.

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