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Creating Experiences of a Lifetime

About Going Places is a travel planning agency that was founded on a family’s love for traversing the globe. Each vacation specialist has extensive, personal experience traveling the world. We transfer our passion for planning to each client we work with.


Our Collaborative Qualification Process:

The internet has perpetuated the commoditization of travel.  Our goal is to make planning travel a personal experience again.  We work in tandem with our clients to attain detailed knowledge of likes, dislikes, past experiences, hobbies, expectations, dietary restrictions, mobility, etc.  This qualification process coupled with our constantly updated product knowledge offers our clientele high level options perfectly suited for each travel experience.


Travel can take on a different meaning to people, at different times.

  • Did you just complete a large project at work and want a quick getaway to celebrate and relax?

  • Do you want to take your family on a vacation where there is an educational aspect –and the kids not know it is happening?

  • Have you been dreaming of a destination since childhood and finally have the time and resources…but wanted to make sure the experience is perfect?

  • Have you been to a destination a number of times and want a familiar but high touch experience?

  • Do you want to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new?  Wellness, adventure, expedition, culinary immersion?


Traveling with About Going Places allows you to see a destination in the best possible way.

  • We have a personal rapport with our global partners and we constantly foster these relationships.  This can’t be recreated by a credit card or loyalty club.  We communicate with all of our partners on your behalf prior to your departure.  You can’t VIP yourself.

  • You have 24-7 in destination support.

  • Connect to people, places, and experiences that are un-Googleable!

  • Access private sightseeing and the very best guides - the most engaging and fun storytellers.

  • Tap insider knowledge for restaurant reservations, and all the best things to do, from the best local coffee house to great neighborhood shopping.


Lauren Rubin

Lauren left her job at Fox 5 as an editor to open About Going Places with her mother -- and turned it into the success it is today. Lauren has traveled to 46 countries and 5 continents. Lauren’s expertise spans from honeymoon and destination wedding planning, to planning for a family of 5+ trips – as someone with children, she brings her personal experiences to the job to make her clients trips unforgettable.

“My favorite types of vacation are my Backroads Adventure vacations. Getting out in the fresh air and biking through the Canadian Rockies or the Canyon Lands is such a wonderful change from sitting in the office. I love feeling the wind on my face as I bike past the enormous mountains and glaciers. I really enjoy being able to experience these locations in depth. For me, this adventure travel so much more unique than seeing them on a bus tour.”

Peter Rubin

After serving in the Navy, Peter spent over 15 years in the food and beverage industry and is an alumnus of the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan. Peter’s love for dining and traveling has given him a thirst for knowledge in the luxury travel arena.  He is constantly improving his global contacts in order to provide high touch and unique options for his clientele. Peter’s interests include Mid-Century Modern architecture/design, running (trail and road), backpacking and cooking.  He and his wife have 3 children who join them on many of their adventures.  Some of Peter’s favorite travel experiences have been wandering aimlessly through Paris with Lauren (shopping, of course), sailing along the Amazon River, dining at Le Louis XV in Monaco and kayaking False Creek in Vancouver.

Stacey Tovin

After spending 6 years working & studying in Israel, Stacey backpacked throughout Asia and then continued to travel while she worked as an International Sales Manager in the sporting goods industry.  Ultimately combining her travel experience with her love of planning adventures for friends and family, Stacey started working as a sales specialist to provide private guided multi-generational trips to Israel.  Stacey then joined the About Going Places team in order to provide a more global product to her clientele. Stacey and her husband have three boys. They enjoy skiing, tennis and the beach....her more recent travels include London, Arizona & Lake Tahoe. She is currently working on a trip to explore Turkey.  

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