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Family & Multi-Gen

“Traveling” and “Traveling with children” are so different.  We understand.  Now add in a mobility challenged grandparent.  How do you get from city to city while managing 14 people of different ages?  Where can you even eat lunch that isn’t a hassle?  How about the 5th potty break in 2 hours?  This can be a daunting thought.  Do not fret.  We have countless partners globally that specialize in this area of travel.

On the Move:

Experiencing many locales during one trip can be a logistical challenge.  Small and mid-sized groups with similar aged children can really add to the experience and also take a little pressure off of the adults.  Having group leaders handle all transportation and manage your luggage takes a huge weight off of your shoulders.  Is group travel not for you?  Our private guided services are perfect for your family.  We prearrange the itinerary at your pace and all of the logistics are taken care of well in advance.

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Staying Put:

Resorts – Ranches - Hotels can be used as a ‘home base’ while you either experience the property itself or the destination.  Day trips can be pre-arranged and you never have to pack and unpack.   Whether you want to relax and reconnect, experience everything a location has to offer or a nice mix of the two -we qualify you to make sure we offer the perfect option, experience and pace.

On the Water:

River cruise, sailboats, yachts, barges, cruises, expedition ships all offer wonderful ways to experience many destinations while not having to pack and unpack.  Couple that with our partners who specialize in family/multi-gen travel and you have an exceptional experience ready for you.

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Instill wonder in your entire family while swimming with a sea lion and then coming face to face with a giant Galapagos Tortoise.  Watch eyes grow wide at the enormity of the great migration.  See curiosity grow while hiking along ancient ruins.   We truly have something to stoke the fire in your budding artists, chefs, naturalists, historians, musicians, sports star, environmentalists, etc. 

Start Planning:

Is this the type of trip you're looking for? Let us help you get to your destination with worry-free ease.

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