Swain is a leading provider of completely personalized vacation experiences.  Their dedicated team of destination experts has offered American travelers the opportunity to design distinctive trips to intriguing international locales including Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, Asia, India and Africa.  From adventure-packed trips to leisurely getaways, Swain Destinations curates itineraries based on each individual’s travel preferences.  Dynamic experiences range from a chef’s table dining extravaganza to a safari journey.

Swain offers flexibility in accommodating a wide spectrum of personal tastes, travel needs and budgets from the ultimate in luxury and private touring to more moderate arrangements.  Trip genres include Adventure, Diving and Wildlife for intrepid travelers, Beach and Spa for leisure vacationers, and City, Culinary and Culture for cosmopolitan tourists.  The company also offers Family and Golf vacations as well as Cruise, Train and Short-Stay options. 

Exotic destinations include:


In Africa, you can track the Big Five – lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros – as well as hundreds of other species.  But Africa has a lot more to offer than safaris.  On the East Coast, you can go scuba diving or sailing.  If you want a breathtaking view, go to Mount Kilimanjaro.  And if you want to go shopping, you can buy everything from crocodile teeth to gold bracelets in Capetown.  There are luxury accommodations throughout all of Africa, including incredible game lodges.


Asia offers hundreds of temples, cultural experiences and ancient sites.  Each Asian country has its own cuisine, language, and culture – from ultra-modern Japan and Singapore to the developing countries of Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia.  Explore the beaches of Thailand, the Great Wall of China, the massive temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, or city life in Hong Kong.


In Australia, see remote beaches, prehistoric rainforests, and windswept deserts.  Explore the Opera House in Sydney, kangaroos and wallabies in Tasmania, the beaches of Brisbane, and the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland. 

New Zealand

New Zealand has internationally-recognized wine regions and a range of outdoor activities.  On the North Island, enjoy gourmet foods and an abundance of wildlife.  On the South Island, trek, ski, jet boat, or bungee jump amid a backdrop of glacial fjords and alpine peaks. 

South Pacific Islands

In the South Pacific Islands, experience remote hideaways and white sand beaches.  The islands are made up of volcanoes, reefs and atolls and are remote, untouched and beautiful.  Discover Tahiti, Bora Bora and Fiji, known for their beaches, reefs, and friendly natives.