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Here are some of our more frequently asked questions:

1. Do you charge a fee for your services?

No our services are always free to you!

2. Do you only book travel for a certain travel company?

We book all types of travel in every destination around the world. We ourselves have traveled the globe and can take you any where you want to go.

3. Can we meet with you in person?

We love meeting our customers in person! Just drop in or call to make an appointment to meet in our office. We love getting to know you and how we can customize your ideal vacation.

4. Can you book just airfare for me?

We are not able to book airfare only. We are able to book airfare along with a vacation package.

5. Do you have a payment plan?

We of course can set up a payment plan for your vacation. Call to learn more.

6. Do you have experience with large destination wedding parties?

Yes we have planned weddings for just the couple, but most of our destination weddings are for large parties. We help you manage all aspects of the destination wedding from contacting your guests and working out room options for them to ensuring your onsite wedding coordinator takes care of you as much as we do!

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