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Exotic Experiences

Here at About Going Places we specialize in elevating the travel experience. We love helping fulfill bucket list trips for our clients. 

River Cruising

Want to visit ports you can’t get to on large ships?  River cruises are growing in popularity because of their small, intimate size and ability to get to some of the world’s most beautiful cities.   In Europe, you can cruise through Germany on the Rhine or through Spain and Portugal on the Douro.  In Asia, you can cruise down the Mekong and visit villages in Cambodia and Vietnam.


Safaris are prized for both their exotic nature and adventurous spirit. Essentially a trip within a trip, safari travel requires longer periods of time and, typically, larger budgets. Safaris vary, some including amazing lodging and culinary options. Depending on what your desired takeaway from your vacation experience is, we’ll help customize a package to meet your needs.

Group and Escorted Tours

While traveling with your own agenda is enjoyable, travel on a private escorted tour.  We find you can often learn more about the history, culture, food and people of a new place with a local guiding you in a very personal setting.

Group tours are also an excellent way to travel through cities where you want to visit several museums or landmarks. Or, if you’re planning an adventure trip, guides can ensure your experience is safe and enjoyable.

Bucket List Trips

Bucket list trips can be taken at any age and in any number – solo, couples or group travel. Some of our favorite bucket list destinations and experiences include:

  • Australia and New Zealand

  • Tahiti

  • Fiji

  • Thailand and Bali

  • Antarctica

  • World cruise

  • Cooking classes in Tuscany

Villa Accomodations

One way to elevate the experience of lodging on your vacation is to opt for a villa, as opposed to a singe hotel room or cruise cabin. Villas can be procured within resort travel destinations, or if you’re looking for a more intimate experience, we can help you find something more tucked away.

Villas often include sitting rooms, kitchens, outdoor areas and for larger parties, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. This is great for family vacations and group travel because they allow everyone to lodge together in a home-away-from-home type of space.

Culinary & Wine Tours

One of the best parts about travel is experiencing the culinary culture of a different place. Food travel is growing in popularity, and About Going Places can build specific experiences for wine and food lovers alike.  Napa Valley, Burgundy, South Africa, Truffle Festivals … the world is your oyster! Whether domestically or abroad, we can help you identify both popular, revered restaurants, as well as those tucked away treasures where you’re sure to dine on the area’s most traditional cuisine.

We’ve worked with countless clients to arrange wine country vacations that surpass the average tour and tasting – although winery tours and tastings are typically top on people’s list when traveling to an area where vintners shape the landscape. Whether you’re flying to a foreign destination, such as France or Italy, to experience their amazing wine culture, or you prefer to drive up the California coast and sip wines made in the United States, About Going Places can ensure you have the transportation, accommodations and planned experiences to fulfill your wine country vacation desires.

Ski Vacations

We can plan your ski vacation in the US, at resorts in Vail or Park City, or you can venture to Europe to ski on the Alps.  We’ll make sure that every detail is covered on your vacation — whether that’s lessons, equipment rentals, or dining reservations.

Luxury Cruises

Over the many years we’ve been in the business of travel planning, we’ve built great relationships with some of the world’s top-line, luxury cruise providers.

Some of these include:

  • Oceania Cruises

  • Seabourn Cruises

  • Silversea Cruises

  • Crystal Cruises

  • Windstar Cruises

  • Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Traveling is all about the experience – About Going Places can expertly manage the intricacies of planning your trip so the experience and the memories it creates are what remains with you.

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