Palace Resorts

Palace Resorts boasts seven breathtaking luxury resorts throughout a wide variety of locations in the Mexican Caribbean. Each one of these travel destinations is considered to be among the very best vacation spots in the world. Here, you will find everything you need to know about the delightful Palace Resorts, from rooms to the activities and amenities they offer, as well as all-inclusive benefits of staying at these resorts.

Seven Luxurious Resorts

palace_resorts_page_photoIf you’re looking for the best hotels and resorts in the Caribbean, then Palace Resorts is perfect for you. They have designed seven state-of-the-art and elegant resorts that are made to deliver the best to their customers. Each of the seven resorts are located in Mexico, with many situated in the city of Cancun. They are as follows: Sun Palace, Playacar Palace, Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort, Le Blanc Spa Resort, Isla Mujeres Palace, Cozumel Palace and Beach Palace. Each of these hotels are geared towards different types of visitors. For instance, Sun Palace is a beautiful couples-only resort that was designed specifically to provide the perfect romantic retreat for couples, while the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort is accommodating for all types of travelers, such as families and those on a business trip.

Amenities and Activities

From serene scuba diving to enticing golf courses, each Palace Resort hotel includes a wide range of activities and Moon-Palace-13amenities that are sure to satisfy everyone. There are a number of guided tours available at each location. One of the most popular is that of the Chichen Itza tour, which takes visitors on a 2-hour tour through a Mayan archeological site, which is located in the Mayan capital. This delightful historical site has even had the privilege of recently being named as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Scuba divers will have access to one of the best dive sites in the Caribbean, which is known as the Palancar Coral Reef. It is here that you can experience amazingly clear turquoise waters, as well as a wide variety of species of fish and sea turtles. Each of the seven hotels also comes complete with a relaxing spa and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

Nightlife and DiningPrivate_Funct

Palace Resorts are determined to make sure that each of their guests experiences the best in luxury, especially when dining. Not only do many of these restaurants specialize in tasty Caribbean food, they also offer American, Mexican, Italian and Asian cuisine choices. The Lumiere, for example is a delectable French restaurant that is home to some of the most delicious food in the world, which you can best experience with their seven-course tasting menu.

As for nightlife, Palace Resorts hosts some of the most unique and exciting bars in the Caribbean. There are currently 13 bars spread out among the seven Palace Resort properties. Whether dancing to one of the myriad of fantastic live shows or sipping a new and luxurious drink, these bars contain everything that party-goers want.

It’s clear that Palace Resorts are some of the most elegant and appealing resorts in the world. Whether you’re a young couple on your first trip together or a family that wants to take the ultimate vacation, Palace Resorts provides everything that you need.