The More the Merrier:  Planning Perfect Group Getaways

People travel together for an array of reasons, and our consultants have vast experience tailoring trips for small and large groups, regardless of their agenda. Special considerations have to be taken into consideration group_travelwhen accommodating large numbers of unique individuals, but we work with both the group leader, as well as the individual travelers to ensure details regarding budget, airfare, lodging, dining and varying agendas are professionally managed.

Company Incentive Travel Packages

For the entire company, or just a few colleagues, About Going Places offers travel incentives that many businesses would not be aware of if planning on their own. Whether to a weekend seminar or extended meeting with clients oversees, business travelers depend on our ability to arrange both timely, organized trips that are also enjoyable, supportive environments for networking and team building. From discounted airfare to free upgrades, incentives vary depending on the type of trip you’re organizing, so contact us to discuss some of the services we offer our business traveling clients.

Traveling with Friends and Family

group_travel_2Whether it’s a girls’ weekend getaway or large family reunion, we provide specific services and customized packages to satisfy everyone’s needs. We can meet with a group organizer, but we also offer one-on-one services. It’s important to remember that everyone’s budget and schedule varies, so ensuring payment deadlines are met; transportation is efficiently orchestrated; and each traveler’s unique needs are satisfied requires attention to detail that we put at the forefront of our travel planning.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

When fun and letting loose is at the top of the agenda, About Going Places is your turn-to for travel planning. We’ve put together countless trips for the soon-to-be-married and their closest friends, and if you don’t have a destination in mind, we can help you determine which location will best suit your party’s tastes.

Destination Wedding Planning

The planning that goes into a wedding is extensive and continues for months before the actual event. Coordinating a wedding party and all the attendees, especially when travel is involved, can be a daunting task.

Our destination wedding packages ensure that not only is your wedding a success, but that each attendee is assisted with every detail of planning their trip.

The Benefits of Traveling in a Group

Oftentimes, groups traveling together don’t realize they’re eligible for certain advantages that solo or couple travelers frequently are not.

Groups typically start at five or more rooms, and depending on location and resort, they’re potentially eligible to receive:2013_Celeb_Lawn_Club_Grill__TH81109

  • Free rooms
  • Free upgrades
  • Resort credits
  • Free accommodations for the group leader
  • Private parties and more

If you’re a traveling corporation, planning a family vacation, looking into a destination wedding or wanting to take a weekend trip with a group of friends, we can help – contact us to start discussing the details.