Destination Weddings

Planning the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams

Destination weddings have appeal for so many reasons, and adding a beautiful backdrop to an already amazing experience attracts tons of clients to About Going Places. We have extensive experience planning destination destination_weddingweddings, and we take specific care to ensure the entire event is unforgettable. Removing the stress from the bride and groom; guaranteeing the entire wedding party and guests are taken care of; and expertly handling every detail, large and small, to facilitate your perfect wedding day is our goal.

Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?

Many couples are enamored by the thought of a destination wedding, but when the logistics of planning one are recognized, they realize something smaller or more local might be a better fit. The first step in our process is learning about your aspirations for your wedding, then we start with some basic prompts to determine if a destination ceremony is the best fit for you.

  • Are both parties and everyone’s family on board with a destination wedding?
  • Is your wedding party able and willing to invest in the travel to attend a destination wedding?
  • Will there be children in your group?
  • Are you interested in a legal or symbolic ceremony?
  • What time of year are you considering for your destination?

wedding_photo_2Once we establish the basics, we delve deeper to start putting details into place.

  • Have you already considered locations, and if so, what are they?
  • What budget have you established, for yourself, your partner and your wedding party?
  • Do you need family friendly accommodations?
  • How long of a stay are you planning around your destination wedding?
  • Will there be any special events surrounding your wedding?

No Fees for Our Services

We take a lot of pride in the extensive, behind the scenes work we do when planning a destination wedding, and there are no fees for our services. We have a network of partners and providers we’ve built over the years of destination wedding planning to make additional compensation from the bride and groom unnecessary.

Here are just a few of the services we provide:

  • Procure the best amenities for your entire party – private events, free upgrades, resort credits, free rooms (did you know that often, the couple can stay for free?), spa packages, excellent pwedding_photohotography and so much more.
  • We work one-on-one with your guests to confirm their rooms and travel dates.
  • We help with the arrangements for any upgrades, transfers, additional nights or last minute attendees – we also handle cancellations.
  • Helping guests manage their budgets and accounting around your wedding is one of our specialties, setting up dates for deposits, installments and final payments.
  • If your group numbers fluctuate, we’ll ensure you don’t accrue any unnecessary penalties.
  • We handle all travel documents, letters and necessary paperwork for your party’s travel.

At the core of every wedding is love and community, and it’s our end goal to ensure these – not the planning and details – remain the foundation of your experience. Please contact one of our consultants to start planning your amazing destination wedding.