Club Med

club_med_photoClub Med is a well-known resort corporation famous for their all-inclusive luxury vacation packages. The business owns 80 different properties around the world. With a focus on family-friendly accommodations and entertainment, the company has made its mark on the travel industry since it was first formed in 1950.

Club Méditerranée was founded by Gérard Blitz and Gilbert Trigano in 1950. Together, these two men developed the original all-inclusive holiday. Their first beautiful vacation resort was opened in Alcúdia Beach, located in the Balearic Islands. It was designed to be a place of private relaxation and leisure for members. To this day, the original concept has survived. Club Med has steadily expanded and now provides their services worldwide.

Resort Locations

The company currently has 80 resorts located in over 20 different countries around the world. Among their most popular vacation destinations are Florida, Mexico, the Bahamas, Greece, the Dominican Republic and Brazil. In addition to running resorts in the most breathtakingly beautiful locales in the world, the company also maintains the elegant Club Med 2 yacht. This first-class luxury ship sails the Mediterranean in the summer and heads to the Caribbean in the winter.

Club Med is unique in that it offers complete all-inclusive packages both with and without flight options. Resort accommodations, meals, child care, open bars, activities, sports and more are included together in one price. The company also runs several discounts and promotions throughout the year on winter, spring and summer vacations.

Activities and Amenities

club_med_trapezeResorts offer a wide range of sports, activities and entertainment. Sporty travelers can choose a package that includes tennis, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, flying trapeze lessons or skiing. For those who want to relax in the lap of leisure and luxury, there is yoga, golf and a full range of spa services. Lastly, for those who love the water, resorts provide access to the world’s most coveted beaches where guests can partake in windsurfing, jet skiing, deep-sea fishing, sailing and scuba diving activities.

Club Med resorts suit any type of traveler looking to enjoy a holiday in paradise. Vacations are ideal for singles, couples, families and groups of friends. In addition, their commitment to excellent customer service makes having the perfect vacation a breeze.

Travel With Children


Club Med is dedicated to ensuring guests with children are able to experience everything the resort offers. Many of their resorts provide child care to families who are traveling with young children. Some also boast kid-friendly activities such as discovery workshops, sports and playgrounds for all ages.

Some of Club Med’s best locations were designed with children in mind. Punta Cana resort, located in the Dominican Republic, offers guests a special feeding room for babies, a baby restaurant and full baby-sitting services.club_med_travel Older children at this resort can participate in sports and creative activities. Spa services, DJ classes and dancing lessons are available for teenagers. There is no charge for children under the age of four, and older children receive sizeable discounts.

Club Med provides families, singles and couples with access to some of the most beautiful locations around the world. With high-class service and all-inclusive package deals, Club Med makes that dream of a holiday in paradise a reality for luxury-seeking members.