Travel is the only thing….

So travel is the only thing that … makes you richer? Shifts your paradigm? Determines if you are right for each other?

I’ve heard all the quips and quotes about travel. Since entering the travel business, I hear them all the time. Here is the real story. Travel changes everything.  When I say everything , I mean everything. If you have never traveled out of your home town, you don’t understand what it means to be the “Other”. To walk in someone else shoes, boots, bare feet, etc. So when you travel, to the state over or around the world, you change. Bit by bit we start to understand the world and ourselves just a little bit better.

Every time I go to a different place, I bring home three things. First, I am reminded that all people everywhere are so similar. They have families, go to work and find time to have fun.  Even tho the scenery is different and the language and food are different, we all breath and love and feel. Two, there is always something to learn. Even when I’m visiting a destination I’ve been to multiple times, I always bring home some new tip for a customer or lesson learned for myself. You can’t step into the same river twice kind of thing. We have customers who call and say I’ve already been to that “Country” once and only want to go somewhere different. My response is to say that , I’m always open to new places, but are you sure you got to see everything that country had to offer? Italy, Mexico, China, Africa, the US. There are so many nuances to every country and it is hard to experience it all in one trip. Three, travel is possible for every budget. If you are backpacking and staying in hostels or flying first class and staying at the most exclusive properties, you still have choices and options at all levels. That is how a travel professional benefits you. By understanding your desires and preferences, being realistic about what is available to you within your budget, and helping you get the most out of your trip to each destination.

We each love what we do and that shows in the care and effort we put into each client booking. If you are looking for someone to help you plan your next weekend getaway, 45 day tour around the world, luxury cruise, or bucket list trip, we at About Going Places are your experts to get you there.

Traveling mercies on your next adventure!

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Spa for Health and Wellness – Canyon Ranch

Bettye Allis from Canyon Ranch stopped by today to share all the amazing workshops and focus weeks happening at the Canyon Ranch resorts in the coming months. Canyon Ranch is for everyone!

Health and Wellness Retreat in Arizona

Canyon Ranch Tucson

Did you know that if you are a Medical Professional, you can earn CME credits from your stay at a Canyon Ranch? Up to 46 CME credits depending on the Canyon Ranch Resort you visit.

Massage Therapy and Body Spa Treatments

Canyon Ranch Lenox Mass.

Did you also know that they have  focus weeks ranging from Cooking, Dancing, Beauty, Hiking the Appalachian Trail, Brain Fitness, Cycling and much more.

Canyon Ranch Tucson Resort

Canyon Ranch Tucson Resort


Call us today at 404-256-1131 to learn more about Canyon Ranch All Inclusive resorts. We are able to get the best rates, extra treatments and VIP upgrades if you book through About Going Places.

Canyon Ranch Miami


Moon Palace Jamaica and Sandals Grenada

Moon Palace in Jamaica is finishing its complete renovation! Here are just a few of the sneak-peak pictures of all the changes.

Moon Palace Jamaica has beautiful beaches, a brand new spa, and so much more. The Grand Opening is February 2015. Call to book today!

They have updated so much it is impossible to share it all.

Call 404-256-1131 today to find out all the changes and book Moon Palace Jamaica!

This is the newer Sandals La Source Grenada for those interested in an off the beaten path Sandals resort option. Learn more at This Sandals Resort is located on the exclusive Pink Gin Beach and surrounded by the azure waters of the Caribbean on three sides. We’re excited that the Sandals brand will allow more people to experience one of the most unique islands in the Caribbean, Grenada, The Isle of Spice. This new Sandals Resort takes luxury to an all new level. Highlights of the resort are…

  • 225 rooms and suites
  • 17 acres
  • Great beach
  • 3 Villages, Pink Gin, South Seas, Italian
  • Minutes from the airport
  • 9 dining options including a steakhouse
  • 3 pools, 2 river pools
  • Millionaire suites,skypool suites and infinity pool suites
  • Soaking tubs in all South Seas and Italian Village rooms
  • The island of Grenada, unique and spicy

There are so many options in the Caribbean and Central and South America. Call us today so we can customize a vacation or honeymoon that meets your every need. 404-256-1131

Holiday Travel Plans?

So it is still hot here during the Atlanta summer. We haven’t even started back to school yet, but now is the time to start thinking about your holiday travel.

We have already gotten requests for Spring Break 2015 and many of you are thinking about a get away for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. Some of the top destinations are Caribbean getaways, ski resorts, or even a European escape to see the lights of Paris, London, Barcelona, or Rome.

The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch

Call us at 404-256-1131 or email us at with your travel dates and where you want to go celebrate. We will get you there in style!

What is it about Tuscany?

What is it about Tuscany that makes my heart skip a beat? Tuscany is home to the scenery and the magical light that captivated artists for centuries. The tranquility of the soft-edged countryside lined with slender cypress trees, rolling hills, Etruscan walls, medieval villages and small patches of farms. Tuscan cuisine, its olives, cheeses and wines sipped on verandas overlooking breathtaking scenery make me long for a flight to Italy.

Castello del Nero Estate at dawn

Call us today at 404-256-1131 to plan your getaway to Italy. We can take you to a five star hotel and spa, on a walking tour through vineyards, or nestle you in to a rustic getaway to forget the outside world!

Mary Michael


What do you want to do for your birthday?

Every year, as my birthday approaches, I get asked over and over again, “What do you want to do for your birthday?”. The an answer this year is TRAVEL!

It seems like I’ve traveled more this year than in the last six years with my biggest trips to come next month (Ireland) and then in October (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic).

Where do you want to go for your birthday? We can help get you there. Just call us at 404-256-1131 or email us at to get started today. It’s your birthday so go where your heart leads you…

Mary Michael

Bora Bora? Yes Please!

Bora Bora

For many people, the name Bora Bora brings thoughts of jumping off life’s treadmill and moving to an island paradise. In fact, the romantic and the world-weary have sought out this magical island for decades. Bora Bora is entirely surrounded by a world-famous lagoon, colored a light shade of blue so striking that it resembles something outside of nature. The lagoon’s over-water bungalows give the expression ‘close to nature’ literal meaning, as guests can almost literally roll out of bed into a refreshing swim or any other water sports. All this is situated under the watchful eyes of Mt. Pahia and Mt. Otemanu – two green peaks that rise like exotic island gods, just waiting to be hiked and explored.

Want to escape? Call us today at 404-256-1131 or email us your preferred travel dates and we can send you a quote to fit your budget!

Lauren and Peter

Le Meridien Bora Bora

Dreaming of Alaska?

Does the summer heat have you dreaming of planning your Alaskan vacation?

Alaska is truly the last frontier. A land where caribou outnumber people, sunlight shines at midnight and mountains rise out of the sea. This last frontier still boasts pristine landscapes, majestic wildlife and North America’s tallest mountain – Mount McKinley. Beyond Alaska’s fortress-like glacier walls lie treasured national parks and abundant wildlife. Plus with more than 1,400 miles north to south and 2,400 miles east to west, it’s truly, a land of epic proportions. Enjoy wildlife viewing and scenic vistas while on various modes of transportation that include deluxe motorcoach, Alaska Railroad, small ship experiences and even a river boat. See the best Alaska has to offer with these fully escorted land tours lead by knowledgeable Alaskans

Call or email us today to learn more about the itineraries and dates that would work best for you! or 404-256-1131

Want to vacation like a Rock Star?

Want to Vacation Like a Rock Star? Check out Hard Rock Resorts Punta Cana, Riviera Maya, Macau, Cancun and more.

Get up to a $1800 resort credit used towards selected tours, golf, spa and beauty salon services, romantic and special dinner events, upgraded wine selection at restaurants, photo packages at rock shots®, selected take away products!

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If you are looking for an all inclusive resort get away with sand, sea, nightlife, and relaxation, Hard Rock Resorts should be on your list!